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Terms of Use / Terms & Conditions

By purchasing or downloading Samples from the W. A. Production (I´m the DJ) company you expressly accept these terms and conditions in full. If you disagree with any part of the following terms and conditions, do not use the app.


1. Age: You must be at least 13 years of age or older to use this service. If you are under the age of 18, you must get your parent or guardian to review and agree to the terms and conditions, as they should enter into these terms on your behalf.

Products & Delivery

2. Products: All W. A. Production Samples products are bound by the terms of the User License Agreement.

3. User Licence Agreement: The sounds, samples, and loops in sample packs are licensed to you, not sold to you. All rights not expressly granted to the user are reserved. Only the original purchaser of this sample pack has a legal right to use these sounds, samples and loops within their own "original" music compositions and/or in advertisements, soundtracks, and television or film productions.

The content can be used for both commercial and non-commercial use. However, it may not be used in the creation of any competitive product, such as a Sample Pack, Sample CD, Sample DVD, Virtual Instrument, Expansion Pack, or any other collection of sound or loop elements in any format.

These sounds, samples and loops may not be used "isolated". They must be mixed together with 3 or more parts. You may not re-sell this collection or pass it on to a third party as this license is non-transferable.

All copying, lending, duplicating, re-selling, renting, uploading, file sharing or unauthorized trading of this content (or any part of this content) is prohibited by international copyright law. We will not hesitate to take legal action against any persons, company or individual who fail to adhere to the terms of this agreement.

4. Price Changes: W. A. Production Samples may at any time change or alter the price of its products. W. A. Production Samples does not offer refunds in the event of a price drop or promotional offers.

5. Digital Delivery: All orders placed in the I´m the DJ app are delivered digitally via the internet. They are not sent via post or delivered to the customer as tangible goods.

6. Taxes: You are responsible for paying any governmental taxes that may be imposed on your purchase.

7. Refund Policy: Our customer's satisfaction is extremely important to us. We will endeavor to digitally deliver 100% of W. A. Production Samples customer orders.

Due to the nature of our products (non tangible irrevocable goods), all digitally delivered products from W. A. Production Samples that have been digitally shipped to the customer are not eligible for return or refund. The customer though may at any time cancel their order before payment has been processed. We recommend checking any previous orders before completing a transaction to confirm you do not purchase any W. A. Production Samples pack twice. Any duplicate orders will not be eligible for a refund due to the nature of our products.

We also highly recommend all customers back up their orders on an alternate / separate hard drive to protect against loss of products purchased from W. A. Production Samples. In the unlikely event of a failed / broken hard drive W. A. Production Samples will only replace download links for a previous order upon confirmation of the customers previous order and a copy of their purchase receipt. This is applicable to all orders made within a two year period, any purchases of a later date than two years will not be covered.

We reserve the right to refuse any refund requests.

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